• Team Journey Forward 2017 Falmouth Road Race

  • Introduction

  • Thank you for your interest in running the Falmouth Road Race for Journey Forward! Our goal is to spread the mission, bettering the lives of those living with paralysis, through awareness and fundraising so we can continue to assist those in need. We had an amazing presence at the 2017 Boston Marathon and we hope to continue our push for awareness through another iconic Massachusetts race.

    Journey Forward is an intense exercised based program helping paralyzed individuals regain independence. Little things in life we don’t have to think about – brushing our teeth, combing our hair, feeding ourselves, tying our shoes, etc. – become the biggest challenges for someone living with paralysis.

    We boast an amazing staff of certified exercise physiologists which allows us to provide the proper techniques and exercises to advance our clients recovery. We’ve been fortunate enough to expand our facility and accept more clients which only furthers our desire to impact our surrounding community.

    We are seeking likeminded individuals for our Falmouth Road Race team – focused on improving the lives of others and striving to achieve and exceed their goals.

    Thank you, Dan Cummings, President and Founder, Journey Forward

  • General Information

  • Running History

  • Fundraising: Minimum $2,000.00

  • (family and friend donations, fundraising events, etc.)

  • By signing the document below, you agree to the terms and conditions put forth by The Falmouth Road Race and its organizers. You agree to pay Journey Forward with the full fundraising minimum amount set forth in this document regardless of external fundraising success. You agree to provide all correct and accurate information to Journey Forward required to be associated with their nonprofit Falmouth Road Race team. You understand that should you not be able to run the race, your bib is nontransferable and the minimum fundraising amount is still owed to Journey Forward.

  • DIGITAL SIGNATURE: Typing your name serves as your signature. You must type full name to be eligible for a spot on our team. Parent or guardian required if under 18.
  • Application Due Date: Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

  • Falmouth Road Race Date: Sunday, August 20, 2017