dnspicDynamic Neural Stimulation:
This is one of the most important aspects to regaining function. We focus on stimulating the client’s nervous system through different movements. This is where our staff is trained to assist the client’s nervous system and assist them in completing movements. After repetitions over time the nervous system will begin to adapt to this stimulus.


loadbearingpicLoad Bearing:
Getting into the load bearing positions is a key aspect of recovery. This allows the nervous system to experience the stress of bearing the body’s weight. This has been shown to have positive benefits including improved bone density, greater stress on the muscles, and an increase in nervous system adaptations.


kristenprogramsVibration Training:
Vibration training allows even greater demand to be forced on the body. Many will experience an increase in sensation and function when performing activities while vibration training. Vibration training will also incorporate aspects of load bearing and has also shown many of the same benefits.


danprogramsGait Training:
Gait Training is learning the correct patterns needed to take steps. This ambulatory training is done at many different levels and is adjusted to the client’s abilities and gains recovery. Gait training can be done passively, actively, and assisted.


gaitpicFES (Functional Electrical Stimulation):
FES is a rehabilitation technique whereby electrical current stimulates nerves to evoke muscle contractions. FES creates patterned movement of the legs, enabling the muscles to work and perform active cycling and increase muscle mass.